About Time Eclectic


Our mission is to provide our customers with an interesting variety of high-quality products and great customer service. How we measure our success is by keeping our feedback rating above 99.5 % and our eBay detailed seller ratings (stars) above 4.9.


Time Eclectic opened its virtual doors on April 1st, 2009 and this is our first foray into the watch industry. We are a BBB Accredited Business and our BBB report is available by clicking on the  logo on any of our sites.

The main focus of Time Eclectic is wristwatches. However, our interests cover a wide range (the “eclectic” in Time Eclectic) from wristwatches to computers to tools to electronics to gadgets to ...

Basically, anything we find interesting can end up in our store as long as it meets our standards for good customer value.

Join us in our quest for success!

Thank you and enjoy,

Time Eclectic

Authorized Dealer Brands

Time Eclectic is an authorized dealer for the following brands. Please click on the brand logo to go to the brand site.

Angular Momentum of Switzerland

Phosphor E Ink and M3D technologies wristwatches

St. Gallen Horology

Ultmost Technology Group - talking wristwatches and other electronics

The Original Swiss Army Knife

The Genuine Swiss Army Knife